Your Kids Will Love the Sleek 2020 Polaris Phoenix 200

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Post Date: 11/19/2020

Polaris has always been a brand that you can trust for off-road vehicles. Their ATVs and side-by-sides are some of the best available. They’ve also continued to build products that bring off-road fun to more people. Polaris, like those of us here at Jack Rabbit, believes that Powersports can be fun for the whole family. 

With the 2020 Polaris Phoenix 200, they’ve built on this tradition with an ATV designed for young people. This ATV model is intended for teenagers ages 14 and up, so if you’re an experienced rider looking to bring your kids out on the trails, the Phoenix is the vehicle for you. This fantastic ATV has been specifically engineered for younger drivers, with special safety features that will protect your kids and give you peace of mind when they’re out on the trails. 

As a Polaris dealer in Texas, we hear from riders all the time about how much they love riding ATVs. If you want to introduce your kids to the thrill of off-road fun, the 2020 Polaris Phoenix 200 is a great idea. We’ve put together an overview of this fantastic, trustworthy ATV’s engineering and safety features. If you’re interested, bring your kids by for a test ride. They’re sure to fall in love with this Polaris ATV!

2020 polaris phoenix 200


Putting Safety First 

The 2020 Phoenix 200 delivers reliable performance, automatic PVT transmission, and standard safety features. Lots of parents worry about ATV safety when it comes to young riders, and Polaris understands. They put safety first in all of their products, and their youth ATV is no exception. Normally, when we talk about ATVs, we talk about power and technical specifications first. But with an ATV intended for operators ages 14 and older, safety always comes first.

The Polaris Phoenix comes with a Polaris youth helmet, a safety flag, and a speed limiting adjuster. Plus, Polaris includes a DVD with your purchase to introduce your teen to ATV safety. The helmet eye protection offers extra safety and extra assurance for parents. 

With these features, you’ll be able to monitor your child’s riding, limit their speed, and make sure they know the ropes when it comes to off-road safety. Adult supervision for riders under 18 is still important, but that’s part of the fun. You’ll be able to head out onto the trails with your teenager! 

Technical Specs of the 2020 Polaris Phoenix 200 

Polaris engineered this ATV with sufficient power and a focus on rideability. The automatic PVT transmission makes it easy for new riders to easily drive the vehicle. With only three gears – forward, neutral, and reverse – it’s not complicated to operate. 

This 196cc ATV for youth offers maximum power for young riders, making sense that this ATV is designed for riders ages 14 and older who will soon be old enough to drive. For even younger riders, the Polaris 50cc ATV model, the Outlaw 50, is a low-displacement option for riders ages six and up. They also offer roughly 90cc ATV models for slightly older kids. 

Finding the Right ATV for Your Kids 

This nearly 200cc ATV is intended for teenagers, but Polaris offers plenty of options for riders of all ages. Young drivers ages 14 and up will love the Phoenix because it offers freedom and power, and parents will love it because of the safety features. 

If you’re interested, stop by our dealership after school sometime! We know the whole family will love riding a Polaris ATV. As long as your teenager wears a helmet, eye protection, and proper safety equipment, they’ll be good to ride out on the trails with you for a weekend adventure. 

Here at Jack Rabbit, we believe ATV riding should be something the whole family can enjoy, so we’re here to help. Feel free to contact any of our experienced customer professionals to learn more!


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