Is the Hammerhead R150 right for you?

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Post Date: 02/26/2021

It’s hard to imagine a new company breaking into a Powersports market filled with established brands like Polaris. But in 2003, Hammerhead off-road began distributing high-quality vehicles here in the U.S. Since then, riders here in Marshall and around the country have fallen in love with Hammerhead. 

If it’s not enough that they’re an American company, they’re also a Texas company! Particularly with all we’ve been through over the past year--from the pandemic to the recent storms--we all

want to support local businesses. If you love Texas, consider bringing home a new Hammerhead R 150 from our showroom in Marshall!

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We put together this article to introduce you to the Hammerhead R150 and the Hammerhead brand more broadly. If you’re interested in the vehicle, stop by our Jack Rabbit Offroad showroom in Marshall, where we have the Hammerhead R150 for sale. Our experienced customer representatives are here to help you find out if a new Hammerhead is right for you. 

Overview of Hammerhead Offerings 

The Hammerhead R150 is the largest of the company’s offerings, and they offer smaller vehicles with a more recreational focus as well. These include the Muthead and Torpedo models, which are built for kids. Their other models function more like off-road go-karts, but the R150 is a lightweight utility vehicle. 

Hammerhead R150 Features and Accessories

Unlike many off-road vehicles, the Hammerhead R150 features two-wheel drive and an incredibly affordable price. This vehicle is absolutely perfect if you need a smaller side-by-side to do maintenance around your property or an off-road utility vehicle to go on drives around your vacation property. Many of our riders rave about its versatility for both work and play, though you shouldn’t expect to use this vehicle for heavy trail riding. 

The Hammerhead R150 accessories options include a windshield and helmet. Plus, you can customize your vehicle’s color, as we have black, blue, and red options available. Basic parts come standard, like an auxiliary outlet and hard top, and if you ever need Hammerhead R150 parts, our experienced service technicians are here to help. 

Who Should Consider the Hammerhead R150?

The Hammerhead R150 price of $3,999 makes it one of the most affordable vehicles on the market. If you’re not very familiar with off-road vehicles, the Hammerhead R150 could be a great starting point for you. Many people who just bought a larger property or vacation home love the Hammerhead R150 because it makes getting around your property easier. Some of our

retired customers who live on larger plots of land around Marshall love using their Hammerhead R150 for property maintenance. 

However, if you’re looking for a sportier off-road model to hit some rough trails outside of Marshall, you might look to a different side-by-side or ATV. Similarly, while the Hammerhead is perfect for doing yard work and maintenance at home, it’s not built for a professional job site. Still, if you’re looking for an affordable, compact, quieter vehicle, there couldn’t be a better deal than the Hammerhead R150. 

Visit Jack Rabbit Offroad’s Showroom in Marshall

Whether you’re looking for a Polaris, Hammerhead R150, or another great American brand, we’ve got you covered. Businesses, recreational riders, and homeowners around Marshall trust us for their powersports and utility vehicle needs. If you think the Hammerhead R150 could be the vehicle for you, stop by our Jack Rabbit Offroad showroom in Marshall today to check it out and take it for a test ride!


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